Legal & Tax services

With the precise knowledge of all procedures and deep involvement in client’s specific needs Eventus Advisors will design and provide a tailor-made solution satisfying any company’s needs regarding legal issues, legal structural management and cash flow optimization.

Often business can present itself as a complex system of ongoing operations covered by a separate cash flows, which can be hard to arrange properly and manage. Eventus Advisors provides a full-scale analysis and if it is necessary, can lead client in the process of business restructuring and legal reorganization, so a business could reach maximum efficiency.

When it comes to M&A deals, a proper legal structure of the business can be one of the major aspects affecting company’s value and deal price. Eventus Advisors can provide legal counseling and help client to rearrange legal and operational structure of the business to maximize its transparency and management efficiency, which will increase economic value of the business.

Eventus Advisors has a vast contact network around the globe and can provide holding or SPV establishment services in numerous jurisdictions depending on client’s specific needs.

Our legal services include following

  • Business restructuring and legal reorganization
  • Holding establishment
  • Legal & Tax advisory
  • Debtor and creditor management advisory
  • Franchising development
  • Legal contracts
  • Transfer price documentation